Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let Us Linger in the Lairs of Lovers

Let us gather together now and whisper enchanting notions to one another—enchanting notions that don’t come from our past or what we have taken ourselves to be, enchanting notions that aren’t from wanting to demonstrate or prove anything, enchanting notions that see no separation. Let us linger in the lairs of lovers and be ambushed by them there. Let them ply us full of their wine until we are satiated, and then let us drink some more. Ah, let us get drunk with this wine so sweet! It is an inebriation that the drunkard cannot know. We will stagger up to the rooftops and call out our invitations and make sure that all the unloved get the first summons to drink. We are so spellbound that our fears and expectations wander off like an untethered dog. We will arise and go now, and go to the abode loud with song, and we will remain there and smile gratefully at our abundance. No night will darken, no enemy intrude, no conflict issue forth. Oh, laughter so delightful, let us have more of it! 10,000 thanks that I should have even once dwelt there, and now it arrives over and over again unasked. May it flow, flow unceasingly that all may drink….

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