Monday, September 26, 2011

Drawing Water, Carrying Wood

Nothing to figure out, nowhere to proceed. No matrix to get out of. No assumptions to be overcome. No past to deal with. No one out there to blame. No interference from anywhere. No standards, no expectations, no hopes. Nothing to fear or avoid. No conclusions to make. Drawing water, carrying wood…the realm of the everyday; drawing water, carrying wood…the recognition of vast open intelligence; drawing water, carrying wood—the full expression of pure being, hidden amidst the commonplace. Wandering in the unknown without notion or goal, with no need to ask for directions, arrivals and departures evaporate. The magician draws back the curtain, smiles and says, “Ta da! Nothing there—had you fooled, didn’t I”? No end in sight. No cause for regret. Wonder is the only response.

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