Sunday, September 5, 2010

For No Reason, Joy Unbounded

Sitting alone, minding my own business, not much bothered either way, nothing special on the menu, no angels dancing across the heavens, but yet....a joy that is unbounded and uncaused. Not as a passing experience, not as a special state, not as anything that belongs to any person, not dependent on a circumstance and not driven away by any circumstance. Subtle, barely noticeable, imperceptibly moving in and out of awareness—but uninterruptedly and powerfully present. Delicate, slight, understated, faint—but distinctly near at hand.
Our whole fucking life is spent chasing after the next experience just to taste this—what is it?—something that is already present. Life’s triumphs, pleasures and acquisitions conjure up a counterfeit, and we are led to believe it is the real thing, but that is a fool’s game. Those things don’t bring this nameless joy; they only hold up a mirror.
Doing nothing, what is obvious becomes obvious. Clear seeing, no distraction, passionate disinterest in the passing show, but yet full and adoring engagement in everyone and everything without exception.

The cat comes up and wants to be cuddled; the bright and beautiful autumn sun shines brightly on a splendid book lying by the half-drunk coffee; nature’s bounty unfolds miraculously in each moment; loving friendship profoundly expressed and appreciated. These dazzling ambassadors serve as expert reminders: “It is always here with you! Don’t despair.”
No job to complete, no need to hold on, no fear of anything coming or going away. Restfully, easefully letting things be as they are. I didn't earn this, but there it is! Appreciation and Gratitude overflowing....