Friday, April 6, 2012

The Hum of Bliss

Stunned into silence by gratitude, I am freed from the bondage of the merely apparent. However long You may have been drowned by the deceptive drone of busy-ness, Sweet Presence, NOW You disclose Yourself. The hum of bliss is Your song, and every speck of space sings it.

Pervasive, infinitely potent, forever existing but hidden, You slip back the veil and reveal Yourself as overwhelmingly present, despite the distraction of the 10,000 things. You have been a most illusive bride, but in this instant you are no longer concealed. Blessed are the ones who are allowed to glimpse You.

Dearest, You have never left me, so leave me no more. You have only concealed Your mystery by virtue of Your grandeur. With no lack, feeling no hindrance, seeking nothing, the search evaporates like spilled water on a blazingly brilliant day.

Yes, the hum of bliss…hummmmm…sustaining all, unfolding in ever more astonishing variety, but never once departing from the here-and-now. Sweetness, oh love, oh joy, You burst forth unasked. Courageously we leave all of what is familiar and grasp Your hand.

Your beauty is indescribable, but only because it is too vast for human words. Bride of my heart, I adore You. I forsake all others. None of the heedless can wed You, but I know that You are not far away. Whisper in my ear once more, for I never grow weary of Your coaxing. Come to me, Dearest, I will be a faithful lover.


  1. Dear Scott
    I was very moved by the beautiful words you wrote on a most Blissful experience, I pray the experience stays with you always may you live in that awareness. Much Love Sharon

  2. Dearest Scott,
    A song in accord (G&F) sings. So beautiful, consummated forever now with a backward glance seeing all is brightening, this golden shine holds all in it's sphere in honour and reverence, an indivisible reconciliation of all that is sacred, ones life, oneself. Deep joy in abundance.
    Thank you for sharing such love, blessed.