Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Introduction

Dear Friends, My first post as a blogger...hurray! I am not only pleased to be able to offer these posts for your reading pleasure, but I am also very happy that the posts, as well as the things that are being posted about, will be of benefit to people.
I will be posting on books, texts and reading, but not just any books and texts. I am interested in wise words that introduce a person to their own innate nature. I am interested in texts that can give a person an instinctive recognition of their own inherent and natural clarity.
Hence the title of this blog: "Read, Relax, Recognize." Through reading very profound texts, one relaxes into a state of receptivity and openness, and in that receptivity and openness, just very naturally the recognition of clarity can come.
So, that is the basis. Welcome to all!


  1. Thanks Scott and welcome to the world of blogging! Reading the very words written here support the instinctive recognition of clarity. Read, relax, recognize-Nice!

  2. Look foreward to read you blog posts!
    Thanks for writing!